Monday, May 17, 2010


Wikipedia formally began in January 2001, as a project to produce a free content encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute. Nine years later, Wikipedia pages seem to turn up near the top of almost every Google search. Wikipedia has become the first place millions of people go to get a quick fact or to launch extensive research.

I encourage you to use Wikipedia in your course. You may incorporate Wikipedia writing assignments into your classes. You are free to post questions for experienced Wikipedia volunteers at the talk page and share your experiences with them. Many of the projects have resulted in both advancing the student's knowledge and useful content being added to Wikipedia. "An advantage of this over regular homework is that the student is dealing with a real world situation, which is not only more educational but also makes it more interesting ("the world gets to see my work")". Wikipedia will give the students a chance to collaborate on course notes and papers, and their effort might remain online for reference, instead of being discarded and forgotten as is usual with paper coursework, or classroom systems which are routinely reinitialized. You can find some best practices guidelines to support educational and academic projects in this link.

Wikipedia:School and university projects

The guidelines are designed to accommodate editors at every level of experience. If you’re just starting out, that’s fine: The early chapters will make your editing experience more productive as well as enjoyable. Nor do you have to be a computer whiz. The really great editors are good at one or more of several things, including research, editing and writing, organizing, and working with other editors; technical matters are simply one realm of specializing as a Wikipedia editor.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


We may use travel guides to encourage our students to answer questions about the United States, UK and another English-speaking countries in a new and exciting way.
In addition, travel guides may teach students about the culture and sites in a city or town they are going to visit. Travel guides also will help our students learn some important vocabulary and phrases that they can need.

For example:


Answering questions

Useful sentences

You may download real travel guides from this link


Monday, May 10, 2010


What do you do between the time the kids finish all the activities and the time they go home?

The answer is simple: plan plenty of games and extra-activities to keep the kids entertained and delighted. And it’s easy, Internet contains hundreds of exciting things to do during any children’s gathering. The games and activities are appropriate for all ages. They are clear and simple, and the preparation is inexpensive and easy.

Games energize the school day by being both fun and educational. Games painlessly teach your students reading, logic, listening and other skills.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Try this one

Some jokes...

Jokes can be very useful in order to improve the reading skills of our students. They really enjoy them and learn new vocabulary in an easy way.

Another Classic Blonde Joke

One day, a blonde left work early to go home and suprise her husband with a big dinner. When she got home she saw her husband's car in the drive way and thought "Aw, shoot there goes my suprise."

When she got inside, she heard something coming from her bedroom. She looked in and saw her husband humping her sister.
She ran out of her house and went to a sporting goods store. After buying a gun she went home and ran into her backyard. She pulled out her gun put it to her head and let out a shrill scream.

Her husband ran outside and saw his wife with the gun and said, "Honey, please don't do it!"
The blonde screamed, "Shut up asshole, you're next!"

Dumb Halloween Jokes!

Why did the vampire go to the orthodontist?
To improve his bite...

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?
With scare spray...

What do you get when you cross a werewolf and a vampire?
A fur coat that fangs around your neck...

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
No, they eat the fingers separately...

Why don't skeletons ever go out on the town?
Because they don't have any body to go out with...

What do ghosts add to their morning cereal?

What is a vampire's favorite sport?

What is a vampire's favorite holiday?

What would a monster's psychiatrist be called?

What did one ghost say to the other ghost?
"Do you believe in people?"

More teaching ideas & tips

"English with Jennifer". Another site with great ideas and a lot of resources and material. You can learn about the instruction and resources Jennifer provides for English language learners and teachers worldwide. Many of us know her as JenniferESL on YouTube, but her work is not limited to the videos on her YouTube channel. Please visit often and share the link with other teachers and tutors.

Her site here.

A great blog for us!

Its main aim is to work with phonics but you can find a lot of free eBooks, listening, speaking, reading, and writing materials for ESL, EFL, ESOL learners or teachers. It's incredible, good job!

If you want to visit this wonderful site, please click here and have a look.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oxford Reference Premium Collection

On Line access to 100 keys Oxford University Press dictionaries an reference works across the full subjet spectrum.
In Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection you will find a wealth of facts, figures, definitions, and translations from 175+ Oxford reference titles, many of which are in-depth, scholarly articles from titles in the acclaimed Oxford Companions series, plus all 20,000 quotations from the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.
The Premium Collection has an 'intelligent search' which will find your search term whether it appears in an entry heading, the full text of the entry, and will even find it if you have misspelled it. The Premium Collection also features improved reordering and refining options for search results to help you focus on the type of entry which best suits your needs.
Search defaults
By default the search engine looks for all of your search terms in entry headings and prioritizes the closest matches to your search term at the top of the search results list. If you have used the Quick search option you can widen your search to full text by clicking on the widen search button in the top right-hand corner of the search results page.

If no results are found in entry headings, our intelligent searching facility moves on to full text to look for your search terms. Finally, if it has not found results in entry headings or full text, it uses a Pattern search to find similarly spelt words, in case you've misspelled your search term.

If, for example, you've misspelled millennium as milenium, the search engine will still find results for you.

Do you want to find an exact phrase?
Perhaps you are looking for references to business ethics and only want entries defining this exact phrase? Just put double quotation marks around your search term.

*English Dictionaries & Reference:
English Dictionaries & Thesauruses
English Language Reference

*Bilingual Dictionaries:
The Oxford Business French Dictionary (English-French)
The Oxford Business French Dictionary (French-English)
The Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary (English-Spanish)
The Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary (Spanish-English)
The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary (English-French)
The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary (French-English)
The Concise Oxford German Dictionary (English-German)
The Concise Oxford German Dictionary (German-English)
The Pocket Oxford Irish Dictionary (English-Irish)
The Pocket Oxford Irish Dictionary (Irish-English)
The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary (English-Italian)
The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary (Italian-English)
The Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary (English-Latin)
The Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary (Latin-English)
The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (English-Spanish)
The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Spanish-English)
The Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary (English-Welsh)
The Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary (Welsh-English)

Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations
Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations
The Oxford Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

*Maps & Illustrations:
Visual English Dictionary
World Flags
World Maps

A Guide to Countries of the World
World Encyclopedia

-Subject Reference-
*Art & Architecture
*Biological Sciences
*Earth & Environmental Sciences
*Economics & Business
*Food & Drink
*Military History
*Mythology & Folklore
*Names & Places
*Natural History
*Performing Arts
*Physical Sciences & Mathematics
*Politics & Social Sciences
*Religion & Philosophy

Podcasts for ESL learners

Culips is an Internet based web service that teaches international students English. On their website, they release podcasts that focus not just on grammar, but rather how the language is actually spoken. Also, once a month, Culips organizes an international student party in the Montreal area. All international students are welcome!

For a small monthly membership fee, you’ll get access to the Lipservice written materials that support each and every episode of our podcast.
The Lipservice materials for each episode include:
a transcript of the show detailed explanations for many of the words and phrases used in the episode further information about related topics that were not covered in the show and a quiz to help you test your understanding of the things discussed in the podcast.

Enjoy it!

Friday, April 30, 2010


El pasado 23 de abril se celebró en la Casa de Campo de Madrid la tercera edición del cross del profesor. En esta ocasión, 1500 profesores de centros docentes de enseñanza pública, privada y concertada de los centros de educación infantil, primaria, secundaria, institutos, colegios de educación especial y centros de formación profesional nos calzamos las zapatillas y compartimos una actividad deportiva en un lugar estupendo.

Hay que felicitar a los 14 participantes del IES Barrio de Loranca que participaron en su totalidad en la prueba de 7kms. (si es que estamos hechos de otra pasta),
logrando un meritorio 27º puesto que mejora nuestra anterior participación.

La lista con la clasificación individual y por centros la podéis encontrar en cdp-deporte
aunque los tiempos que ofrece son los netos y no los oficiales, es decir, los reales. Estos los tenéis aquí:

Puesto No. Nombre Cat Cat Neto Oficial Ritmo
034 1207 José Gabriel BARBERO VIRUEGA 19 M3549C 26:35 26:28 3:47
127 1212 Francisco Javier MAJADAS 57 M3549C 30:35 30:40 4:23
250 1463 Ángel MENA ÁLVAREZ 109 M3549C 34:12 34:12 4:54
254 1213 Manuel MUÑOZ ALGABA 111 M3549C 34:15 34:33 4:57
297 1208 Remigio GONZÁLEZ PORTERO 26 M5099C 35:56 36:12 5:11
319 1210 Norberto SANZ ARAGONÉS 112 M0034C 36:27 36:45 5:15
327 925 Cynthia VEGA SOBRINO 18 F0034C 36:47 37:03 5:18
404 924 Rosa María PEÑA HERRERA 51 F3549C 40:29 40:45 5:50
452 1211 Josefa RUBIO BRAVO 65 F3549C 43:54 44:10 6:19
354 1465 Dennis NDEMPAAWAJ KINFAIK 35 M5099C 43:57 44:14 6:20
380 1466 Manuel RODRIGUEZ BLANCO 133 M0034C 48:17 48:35 6:57

Un saludo y... nos vemos en la próxima edición.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Surfing the net I found a good Free Online Bilingual Dictionary that includes Word Magic Dictionary & Tools Professional (general reference English-Spanish bilingual dictionary), Medical Dictionary, the Law Dictionary, the Business & Finance Dictionary and the Computer & IT Dictionary.
The online bilingual Dictionary application here provided is a free service of Word Magic Software Inc. I think it is one of the most complete online bilingual and bidirectional English-Spanish dictionary on the web, showing not only direct translations but synonyms, complete definitions, set phrases, idioms, proverbs, usage examples, famous quotes and compound entries as well, all related to your entry word. On top of that, it offers English and Spanish pronunciation, separation into syllables and grammar attributes. It also accepts conjugated verbs and Spanish feminine and plural forms as valid entries.

Of course you can buy them as your personal software. There are probably many other benefits that are not covered here, as this program constantly changes, bringing us new ideas and additional solutions that help us on improving our English writing.

And please, don't think they are paying me for this advice.