Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is an extra-activity I suggested to my students. It consists of taking some pictures in which you could see all kind of English words. Of course these words should be in ordinary things, objects you can find easily around us (traffic signs, labels, shops, etc.)
After that, they had to make a powerpoint using the Slide website order to planned, proposed and run by the students.


  1. Notice the importance of the British culture in their lives and learn how to manage it correctly.
  2. Taking conscience of the importance of learning the language in order to understand the English messages around them.

We used the English Lab and their own mobile phones to take the pictures.


Only two sessions. They already knew how to make a powerpoint. In the first session I taught them how to upload their photos, add the effects, music, etc. The second session we watched their works.

What about evaluation?

Evaluation should be the last thing on our mind, whereas proper self-monitoring and monitoring must be a top priority in order to develop their high cognitive skills and I've decided to focus on the use of English only in my classroom right now. I am not using a self evaluation grid about this activity but I take notes and try to do one on one interventions with my students when needed. I'm lucky enough to work with motivated students and I have the luxury of doing that.


Sergio Marín 2º ESO A

Marcos De la Fuente 2º A